Festival of Kizomba, Semba & Afro Riddims
11-14 January 2018

Join us for 4 days of Kizomba in Berlin! We provide 50 workshops by international artists, 4 party nights with top DJs from all over the world and a huge party location with several dance floors.

Meet the best & most social artists of the international Kizomba scene!

Live in concert


The confirmed artists

Laurent & Adeline

IMG_4617Paulo & Lanna

JD Deceus & Chris

5pnsfenbAimé & Trecy

_DSC5761Johannes & Ashley


150x150The Secret Team

Tyron & Rokhaya
(Le Mans & Toulouse)

Liliana de Lima

Joao & Giedre

BD2K3709Teca & Aleksandra
(Angola & Prague)

na passada 150x150Na Passada

Leslie Andoh WilsonLeslie Andoh Wilson

The confirmed DJs

DJ Chad für WebseiteDJ Chad

stou-thumbDJ Stou


DJ Eddy Nice

DJ Alnova

DJ Fabinho FM

DJ PendinhoDJ Fenómeno

DJ BangolanoDJ Bangolano

snakes 150x150DJ Snakes

bolshie_katya-2DJ Katrin
(St. Petersburg)

557812_332464370186515_2016573975_n-2Fred Maestro

DJ shedule (Who spins where at what time?)

The confirmed taxi dancer crews

The MagicKiz

tbaThe Topdancers

kizz&ride-logoKizz & Ride

Program schedule

Thursday, 11 January 2018

7pm all-passes-workshop “Kizomba basics” by Leslie Andoh-Wilson
8pm Pre-Party (Moon Club, Soda Club & Soda Salon) open end

dress code: CASUAL – come as you are!

DJs: Katrin & Fabinho FM (traditional floor) + aNDo, Fenómeno, Edgar (urban floor)

Friday, 12 January 2018

9pm all-passes-workshop “Urban Kiz” by Secret Team and “Kizomba” by Teca & Aleksandra
10pm Welcome Night (Kesselhaus, Maschinenhaus & Palais der Kulturbrauerei)

dress code: LOVE & PEACE

DJs: Chad, Katrin & Edgar (traditional floor) + Zen, Alnova, Fenómeno & Fabinho FM (urban floor)

Saturday, 13 January 2018

11am – 6pm Workshops (Kesselhaus, Moon, Soda, Silent, Club 23) including the Afternoon Social Room (DJs: Chad & aNDo)
9pm all-passes-workshop “Kizomba fusion” by Aimé & Trecy and “Social Semba” by Mams & Anthea
10pm Berlin Kizzes Gala Night incl. Elji Beatzkilla live showcase (Kesselhaus, Maschinenhaus & Palais der Kulturbrauerei) open end

dress code: Dress to impress!

DJs: Katrin, Fenómeno & Fabinho FM (traditional floor) + Chad, Zen, Alnova (urban floor)

Sunday, 14 January 2018

11am – 6pm Workshops (Moon, Soda, Silent, Salon, Club 23) including the Afternoon Social Room (DJs: Fred Maestro & Fabinho FM)
7pm all-passes-workshop “Kizomba lead & follow” with Johannes & Ashley
8pm Farewell Party (Moon Club, Soda Club & Soda Salon) open end

dress code: PYJAMA PARTY

DJs: Chad, Edgar & Bangolano (traditional floor) + Zen, Alnova & aNDo (urban floor)

All party and workshop venues are at the Kulturbrauerei, Prenzlauer Berg.


Click on the image to enlarge it or save it as pdf!


Enjoy brunch and dinner (1pm til 6pm) in the Soda Lobby where the afternoon social dancefloor is.


Address: Kulturbrauerei, Schönhauser Allee 36, 10435 Berlin

The four entrances of the Kulturbrauerei are indicated by the numbered red arrows in the map below.
If you take the U2 to Eberswalder Str., entrance no. 1 (North) is the best.
Take entrance no. 3, if you walk from the Meininger Hotel (South).




Kesselhaus & Maschinenhaus

ALL workshops and parties take place IN ONE LOCATION – the Kulturbrauerei in the district Prenzlauer Berg. The Kulturbrauerei used to be a brewery for beer and hosts now multiple cultural activities, such as theaters, cinemas, concerts, etc.

Get a “Virtual Panorama View” of our incredible main party location the Kesselhaus of Kulturbrauerei yards right across from the famous
Soda Club Berlin.

You can easily reach the Kulturbrauerei by the city train circle-line S41/S42 (station Schönhauser Allee) and the subway line U2 (station Eberswalder Strasse).


Moon Club

The Moon Club is one of the dance floors for the parties on Thursday and Sunday.

On Saturday and Sunday some of the workshops also take place here.

Dancing in the vibrant lights of the Moon Club, you will love its energetic and mystical atmosphere.



The Kesselhaus hosts the urban floor on Friday and Saturday night. Elji Beatzkilla performs his breathtaking show on the big stage and right after that we dance until sunrise.

The pre-party-workshops on Friday and Saturday take place here. All guests are invited.


All of the listed hotels and hostels are within walking distance of the venue.


Hostel Location
Lette’m Sleep Hostel Lettestraße 7, 10437 Berlin, about 500 meters from venue
Aurora Hostel Pappelallee 21, 10437 Berlin, about 500 meters from venue
Alcatraz Hostel Schönhauser Allee 133a, 10437 Berlin, about 500 meters from venue
Meininger Hostel Schönhauser Allee 19, 10435 Berlin, about 600 meters from venue
EastSeven Hostel Schwedter Straße 7, 10119 Berlin, about 800 meters from venue
Pfefferbett Hostel Christinenstraße 18, 10119 Berlin, about 800 meters from venue
hotel 4 youth Bernauer Str. 45, 10435 Berlin, about 850 meters from venue
Wombats City Hostel Alte Schönhauser Straße 2, 10119 Berlin, about 1000 meters from venue
Hostel Aloha Torstrasse 60, 10119 Berlin, about 1000 meters from venue
The Circus Hostel Weinbergsweg 1a, 10119 Berlin, about 1200 meters from venue
Pangea People Karl-Liebknecht-Str. 34, 10178 Berlin, about 1700 meters from venue


Hotel Location
Hotel Oderberger Oderberger Str. 57, 10435 Berlin, about 300 meters from venue
Hotel Zarenhof Prenzlauer Berg Schönhauser Allee 140, 10437 Berlin, about 400 meters from venue
Meininger Hotel Schönhauser Allee 19, 10435 Berlin, about 600 meters from venue
Myer’s Hotel Metzer Straße 26, 10405 Berlin, about 900 meters from venue
Hotel Jurine Schwedter Straße 15, 10119 Berlin, about 1 kilometer from venue

Click here for more accomodations!

Enjoy the videos of all editions of BERLIN KIZZES!

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